Best LED Grow Lights for Indoor Plants - A Complete Review

Why use grow lights

The advantages of indoor gardening may be the reason you choose it as your hobby or business. You have total control over the weather, and the garden pest cannot get to your plants. Whether you are growing any plant on a commercial scale in a greenhouse or have some indoor plants at your home, one of the most critical factors that you must keep control of is light. It should be at the optimum level for plants to grow and thrive. Using the wrong light will lead to stress on the plants, causing a decline in crop quality and yield. There are mainly three types of light systems for indoor plants in the market based on the technologies used in them.

  • Fluorescent grow lights
  • High-Intensity Discharge (HID) grow lights
  • Light-emitting diode (LED) grow lights

Among this variety of grow lights, you may find LED grow lights as the best option due to its advantages over the other two. Let's first talk about what exactly LED is.

What is LED grow light?

LED grow light works on the same principle other grow lights do; they convert electricity into light energy. The difference is only in the wavelength of light. LEDs emit a single color of light and plants mostly require blue and red light. With LEDs, you can give them exactly the light they want. 

Many LED fixtures give you the function to alter the type of light they emit, so you can give your plants more red light during the flowering stage and more blue light during the vegetative stage when needed. As a result, you do not waste electricity on wavelengths of light that your plants do not need. In essence, LED grow lights are more efficient and will save you money when comparing to other light types.

Pros of LED grow lights

There are many benefits you can get with the use of LED grow lights.

Increased Lifetime: The most significant advantage is the increased lifetime of bulbs as it is of low energy use. Moreover, LED bulbs do not suddenly stop working; instead, their brightness decreases slowly allowing the grower to manage the change. Maintenance service is required less frequently reducing the cost and time consumption.

Energy Saving: LED bulbs produce more light with fewer watts resulting in lower energy cost. A comparison test is done between LED light and HID lights showed that LED lights lower the energy consumption by up to 40%. In addition, LED grow lighting emits significantly less heat than the other grow lights. Too much heat can damage the plants, and decrease their growth and lifetime.

Еаsily Controllable: Due to the recent developments in the technology of LED lights, you have greater control over the wavelength selected, dimming, or enhancing the light intensity and time intervals of light exposure. Check out ViparSpectra's dimmable series. This series by ViparSpectra allows you to adjust the brightness of the light with one button. Check it out! 

Lower HVAC Costs: LED lights require fewer watts to operate and produce a lower amount of heat. Therefore, for commercial growers air conditioning costs can drop by up to 50%.

Easy To Install: The “all-in-one-package” design of the LED lights makes them very easy to install anywhere.

Recyclable: As the LED lights do not release toxic vapors when broken, they are recyclable and better for our plant.

Now that you under the benefits of LED grow lights, here are some of the best LED grow lights for indoor plants available in the market.

Best for beginners: ViparSpectra

ViparSpectra Full Spectrum 1200W Dimmable LED Grow Light 

The ViparSpectra Full-spectrum is available in a variety of models, including this one. It is the best product for beginners as it is effortless to install and operate. It does not require much maintenance and look after. The success of this light is due to its optimal full spectrum, which provides the light needed at the plant's flower and veg stages as they get in natural sunlight. It is the best LED Grow Light for Grow Tents.

It consumes a maximum of 250 watts and has 3.2" front-fans plus a big aluminum cooling heat sink for quick and easy heat dissipation. It comes with a three years warranty and 30 days return guarantee. This light includes IR (Infrared) LEDs which facilitate cell division, leaf building, flowering, and germination. It has a full selectable spectrum, and you can adjust the brightness with separate dimmers on the model. This design focus more light on the plants, but not far too concentrated in the center of the growing area that can cause stunted plant growth and sun burning. This LED light can be used on a wide range of indoor horticulture plants, including organic herbs, strawberry, lettuce, medicinal plants, and orchids. It will lead them from a healthy vegetative growth to bloom. Our customers love this light and have shared positive results using it. You can purchase and get further details of this product here

Best for commercial growers: KIND LED X2 Commercial to grow light

One of the best models of this series is KIND LED X2 Commercial LED Grow Light - 750 Watt. It is the best option for commercial growers with a design facilitating proximity growing, resulting in increased harvest weight and financial returns. It has game-changing innovations in commercial grow technologies with increased harvest rate, minimized waste, maximized versatility, and optimized harvest quality. This light is perfect to use in any environment.

Its tunable spectrum allows you to provide your vegetation with the perfect spectral output meaning faster and healthier growth. Get this light with free shipping today!


Best Performance Light: Black Dog LED

The Black Dog LED makes its place as the best performance light with its better penetration due to the high intensity and energetic spectrum in dense canopies. This light results in higher yield and better quality flowers. The Black Dog LED — PhytoMax-2 1000 LED Grow Lights are the most powerful LED grow lights available worldwide. It can increase the yield up to 60% and saves electrical and cooling costs. It comprises a glass lens that is durable and easy to clean. The even distribution of light does not let any leaf burn or leave hot spots. It is the best overall LED grow light. Get more information of this product below.


Best COB grow light: California Lightworks

If you are looking for the best chip on board (COB) light, then the California Lightworks Solar system is the series you want. California Lightworks Solar System 1100 LED Grow Light is among the most potent LED grow lights, and it supercharges the flower density and size. It also is known to help enhance the aroma and flavor of the end product. It has a fully programmable spectrum control perfect for small and large scale growth. It has a five years warranty with High Efficiency and Low Maintenance. More detail and free shipping below.


Best Cheap LED grow light: Both Mars Hydro & ViparSpectra

When you consider buying LED light on a budget, both Mars Hydro and ViparSpectra are great options The both offer a variety of products at an affordable price. You can get started with a grow light well under $150. Not only that, their lights come with high-quality LEDs as well as brightness adjustability functions. In conclusion, starting or buying quality LED lights don't have to break your wallet. Check out both Mars Hydro and ViparSpectra grow lights and see which light is best for your grow space.

viparspectramars hydro


Growing indoors is much different from outdoors. Having grow lights for your indoor operation is crucial. Not only that, making sure you have a sustainable and high-quality grow light is extremely important. Without a doubt, LED grow lights is the way to go in the future. They are energy efficient, long-lasting, and durable. We hope our above recommendation has helped you with choosing a grow light that fits your needs and budget. Happy growing!

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