Hydroponics Vs. Soil: 7 Reasons Why Hydroponics is The Better Growing System

Hydroponics system is a highly efficient and incredible system of growing plants when compared to traditional soil farming. Although soil farming is a natural growing medium that provides nutrients, space, moisture, and anchorage for plant growth, cultivation in soil needs more management and protection from various biotic and abiotic stresses, and nutrient providing capacities.

However, a hydroponics system offers an optimized and well-balanced application of nutrients than other growth conditions. Below we will provide you with our top 7 reasons why you should pick the hydroponics method over soil. 

Water Saving

 Using the hydroponics method is an excellent choice to grow plants in water-deficient regions. Not only that, it will help save your monthly water bill as you will only be changing the water weekly. Besides, growing in a soil medium requires a good watering schedule to protect plants from wilting and dehydration.

As a result, growers are applying an abundant amount of water to the soil that causes them to overwater. Also, hydroponics is an excellent way to protect from dirty tap water or contamination. To make sure the water is clean, you can add a water filter to the system to remove any contamination.

A hydroponic growing system requires ten times less water than a soil system. As a result, less maintenance and work. The reason being is due to a well-managed reservoir system that provides a sufficient amount of nutrients for plants. When the nutrients provide enough for the plant roots, the rest of the nutrients are kept or stored in the hydroponics growth containers that will eventually be recycled back to the roots.

No Weeding

There is no requirement for weeding in a hydroponics system as it does not favor the growth and development of weeds. There is no placement of desired seedlings in this system, and careful management is the ultimate key to avoid weeds. 

Less Diseases and Pests

Usually, the chances of disease development and insect pest attack in the hydroponics system are slim. In a hydroponics system, providing nutrients for plants can be easy and accurate. Just add the desired amount of nutrients into the water. By doing so, no nutrients will go to waste because you know how much is needed.

As a result, plants in a hydroponics system have high immunity and can easily tolerate different types of stresses. Therefore, plants can grow well and fast as they have direct access to nutrients and oxygen. A piece of advice is to make sure you use an air pump for your system. An air pump will provide your plants with the oxygen they need to survive. Not only that, it helps prevent algae and disease growth in your reservoir by supplying it oxygen.

Generally, plant yield is also high in the hydroponics systems as they don’t have to put their energy to fight against stresses and search for nutrients for growth and development. All the nutrients they need are in the water reservoir. 

Excellent Control

The hydroponics system is an excellent way to be in control of all growing conditions. Growers can easily control light, temperature, humidity, aeration, water, and nutrients. As a result, keeping the grow space in optimal condition will lead to high yields and fast growth.

Growers can precisely control the composition and amount of nutrients in a hydroponics system, whereas regulation of nutritional requirements in the soil system is extremely difficult. The hydroponics method will save you money and provide your plants with the right amount of nutrients.

Plants Getting The Right Dose of Nutrients

Like humans, plants need nutrients to grow and thrive during their life cycle. Plants rely on nutrients to grow, and when there are not enough, their roots have to seek more. This is the benefit of hydroponics. In a hydroponics system, the nutrients are readily available to the plants directly from the water. On the other hand, in a soil system, the plant's roots must search for nutrients because it is not evenly distributed.

So how does this help plants? In a hydroponics system, plants spend less time seeking nutrients which allows them to eat and thrive faster than in soil. The most commonly used form of nutrients in hydroponics is liquid. However, hobbyists and commercial growers are transitioning to a more cost-effective form, powder. The nutrient powder has many perks. It costs less to ship, high-temperature tolerance, and eliminates spillage. For this reason, we recommend powder over liquid every time.

The brands that we recommend will provide your plants with the best results. DaKine 420 and Lotus Nutrients are some of the top brands in the nutrients industry. They use high-quality minerals that every plant needs to thrive. Below are some of their popular nutrient kits. Check them out!


Space Saving

 When it comes down to space-efficiency, hydroponics wins this category over soil farming. With soil farming, there are limitations to your grow space and how much you can grow. However, in a hydroponics system, it allows you to grow in limited spaces while producing the same amount of plants as soil farming.

The hydroponics method can be used in small apartments or anywhere there is a limited amount of growing space. As long as the plants receive the right amount of nutrients and water, they will thrive. So, if you're planning to start growing hydroponically, don't let limited spacing be the problem to not start. You can start with hydroponics no matter what size space you have.

We offer a variety of ready to use hydroponics system that will allow you to jumpstart your journey. Grow your vegetables straight from your home. Shop our hydroponics systems below. 

Repeated Use

Once a hydroponics system is developed and made, it can be used over and over again to produce the desired yield in the upcoming years. Grow anything from lettuce to spinach, all you need is one hydroponics system to have vegetables for years.

Below is our best selling SuperPonics system. This system is great for growers getting into this space. It uses many hydroponic techniques like deep water culture, aeroponics, and more. We recommend this system if you have limited grow space and want to get started right away. Shop below!

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