Lotus Nutrients Review - Best Plant Nutrient Available?

Indeed, the goal of every hydroponic or indoor farmer is to get the most yields out of their plants. But in the absence of essential nutrients, your crops will not get you the harvest you expect, and your efforts would not be economically viable or beneficial in any way.

You see, your medicinal plants or other crops in the garden are just like every other living thing. They need nutrients to support their life and help them thrive. Humans need various nutrients for growth and health, and plants are no exception.

Unfortunately, it is not every soil or growing medium that has everything that crops need. As a result, you need to add the proper nutrients if the goal is abundant, fragrant, and tasty buds. In the worst-case scenario, the plants may not even grow when the right nutrients are lacking, which is not what anyone wants.

Macronutrients and Micronutrients

Plant nutrients are either macro, with nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK), magnesium and calcium; or micro with iron, copper, boron, manganese, zinc, nickel, and chlorine molybdenum.

Crops require N, P, and K in massive amounts and are the essential nutrients for your crops. Usually, N and P are the building blocks of nucleic acids and proteins in plant tissue. And while K adds nothing to the plant tissue, it aids in the regulation of enzyme activities and processes such as osmosis.

In a nutshell, your plants need macronutrients in significant amounts for the following reasons:

  • Nitrogen adds lushness and the greenness for chlorophyll in the plants for vegetative growth. In addition, the nutrient aids in the development of strong and healthy stems and leaves.
  • On its part, phosphorus works on the root system and stems to support photosynthesis and bloom.
  • Potassium is the K in NPK, and its role is to increase resilience against diseases. The compound also supports larger and abundant aromatic blooms and faster growth and overall health of the plant.
  • Magnesium helps in the development of chlorophyll, which helps process sunlight. The macronutrient also plays a crucial role in the metabolism of carbohydrates.
  • Sulfur is an essential building block for proteins, enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins. This nutrient also increases resistance against diseases.

But unlike macronutrients that crops need in large quantities, your plants will only require a small amount of the micronutrients. It is possible to fine tune the micronutrients to get the desired results from plants. The essential micronutrients include:

  • Manganese, which, together with iron, help in the development of chlorophyll. It helps in the breakdown of carbohydrates and is an enzyme activator.
  • Molybdenum optimizes the use of nitrogen and helps the plants turn it into amino acids.
  • Copper enhances metabolism and plant reproduction.
  • Plants convert carbs into sugars with the help of zinc.
  • Boron is crucial for fruits, seeds, and new growth in plants and regulates carb metabolism.
  • Chlorine supports the chemical reaction involved in the action of the stomata, which is the basis for photosynthesis. The nutrient plays a vital role in the health and growth of the plant.

Lotus Nutrients

lotus nutrients

The root zone of your crops should be saturated with sufficient amounts of plant nutrients for optimal growth, but that is never as simple as it may sound. Most growers have a hard time selecting the suitable formulation or nutrient brands on the market, and there is also the challenge of mixing the correct ratio. So what is the solution in such a case?

Typically, that is where Lotus premium plant nutrients come in. Developed by Northern California growers, a team of horticulturists, growers, and scientists, Lotus Nutrients are a pure brand of nutrients with medicinal properties.

Lotus Nutrients are more complete and simpler than hundreds of options in the market. While most nutrient brands are between 8 and 10 part recipes, Lotus Nutrients are only 3 part recipes, with everything your plants need to thrive. Lotus Nutrients simplifies everything for you and gives you optimal results from your flowering and fruiting plants.

In addition, these nutrients are specifically formulated with macro and microelements, up to 15 unique raw natural ingredients, and essential raw materials such as plant protein hydrolysate, humalite, and seaweed plant extract. They are fully water-soluble and have the right consistency for optimal results. Lotus Nutrients do not contain any dyes, fillers, or binders. 

Other Benefits of Lotus Nutrients

plant roots
  • A healthier root system is vital for faster and consistent plant growth. As such, Lotus Nutrients promote the initial root development and mass that your plant requires to unlock optimal yields. High-quality nutrients are recommended at the early stages of seed or clone for the best harvest.
  • Lotus premium plant nutrients simplify the process of selecting high-quality nutrients. Thus, the three-part nutrient line is easy to use, and you can focus on the more important task of planting. There's no complex mixing that you need to do to achieve the results.
  • The macro and micronutrients, together with other ingredients in Lotus Nutrients, enhance your plant's DNA by increasing the production of secondary metabolites. This warrants you get the most out of the plants.
  • Inarguably, optimal yields are the objective of every grower. Towards that goal, Lotus Nutrients provide what plants need for large and dense flowers and support the last flowering stage.
  • Lotus Nutrients contain seaweed extract, with low sodium and fully soluble to promote the natural growth of your plants.
  • The product is naturally formulated to keep the water PH at comfortable levels, and you may not need to lower it. The powders are non-acid forming.
  • Also, Lotus Nutrients have sufficient macronutrients, nitrogen, and phosphorus that plants need for more robust and thicker stalks. Normally, thicker stalks are necessary for adequate flower and fruit support.
  • On the other hand, Fulvic acid is specially added to improve the uptake and chelation of nutrients.
  • Lotus Nutrients are water-soluble and work in all growing conditions like coco noir, hydroponics, and soil.

Lotus Nutrients Product Line

Lotus Pro Series Grow

The formulation of this product line is meant to give your plants the tools for rapid growth. It helps develop thick and robust stems, massive root systems, and tight internodal spacing for the best yields.

Lotus Pro Series Bloom

The formulation quickens the onset of the flowering stage so that you can have the harvest within a shorter period. Lotus Pro Series Bloom nutrients formulation provides the elements for solid development and better yield across the various plants.

Lotus Pro Series Boost

For an unmatched flower size and density, you can trust Lotus Pro Series Boost to deliver. The highly effective formulation enhances the potency and taste, and oil production of the plant.

Lotus Pro Series Cal/ Mag

Calcium and magnesium are among the most readily absorbed nutrients you can find in this formulation. These macronutrients are vital for cocoa-based plants as they support healthy and balanced growth.

Lotus Pro Series Carboflush

The formulation acts as a detox to remove the excess nutrients stored in plants that may inhibit proper growth in the final stages. In addition, Carboflush comes loaded with the necessary elements for microbial activity and guarantees healthy and pure harvests.

Feeding Schedule Chart

lotus nutrients

The recommended feeding schedule applies to different growing mediums. Choose the right one for the growing medium you are using, such as coco noir or soil, and apply the nutrients as recommended.

The application dosage and schedule also depend on the plant growth stage. The Lotus Nutrients dosage and type used on well-rooted clones or seedlings are different from the vegetative stage. Apply as recommended for the best results. 

Lotus Nutrient Starter Kit


The starter kit simplifies your growing experience and makes it enjoyable. The kit contains Boost, Pros Series Grow, and Bloom Nutrients, which is pretty much what you need to get going.

The starter kit includes:

  • 18oz of Lotus Pro Series Boost to enhance flowers' density, size, and overall quality. It enhances the potency and the taste and maximizes oil production.


Growing plants is a fun and fulfilling activity, but only when using the right products to support growth. Without this, your crops will struggle, and you will not get the desired results.

Lotus Nutrients are of the highest quality on the market, which simplifies the nutrient application with a three-part process. The brand is hands down at the lead of the pack when it comes to products that provide your plants with crucial nutrients.

The premium plant nutrients have the perfect blend and an appropriate balance to optimize the potential of plants. This ensures high quality and abundant yields.

Are you ready for your best harvest yet? Try with a starter kit today, and the results will surprise you. 


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