Mars Hydro TS Series LED Grow Lights – Are These Lights Worth it?

Artificial grow lights have revolutionized agriculture, opening the industry to endless possibilities in controlling crops in an indoor environment. Technologically advanced LED light fixtures are highly efficient, durable and have better yields than traditional lights.

Typically, Mars Hydro has been in the LED light business for quite a while, and they have gained some traction in the process. But as expected, the company is the latest to enter the quantum board space with competitive grow lights. 

Mars Hydro boasts an array of lamp models, including the iconic Mars Hydro TS2000 and Mars Hydro TS1000. But fierce competition is part and parcel of every thriving market, such as the current LED grow lights industry. So do Mars Hydro TS Series LED Grow Lights live up to the hype? Let's find out!

Grow Lights in the TS Series

Mars Hydro has two lines of LED grow light products on the market: the SP and the TS series. These two lines are similar but have a few key differences. But both the SP and the TS series use full-spectrum white LED diodes, which makes them highly efficient.

The full spectrum led grow lights have a blend of warm white and cool white, supplemented with additional red and IR diodes. This unique blending of lights is the biggest strength of Mars Hydro for the perfect spectrum for your indoor plants.

There are typically five models in the TS series:

  • Mars Hydro TS3000, which is the largest
  • The 600, which is the smallest
  • TS 1000
  • TSL 2000 
  • TSW 2000, which together with TSL 2000 are almost similar and both in the middle of the pack

TSW full spectrum led grow lights have a square-like form and provide coverage in a square. In contrast, TSL gives a rectangular coverage, considering it is long.

Features of Mars Hydro TS Series LED Grow Lights

  • Cost-friendly: the TS series is pretty much comparable to 450 HID watts but much more budget-friendly to operate. They only need 310 watts to work, thereby saving up to 50% of your energy bill.

The lights in these series have Epistar diodes. They are not the best in the market, but they help keep the costs down.

  • Efficient: at around 2.35 μmol/J, TS series lights have lower power usage and are highly efficient.
  • Productive for Plants: the lights have peaks on blue and red, in addition to every other color your plants need to thrive through flowering and vegetative stages.
  • Dimmable: the lights come with dimmable and removable drivers for convenient customization according to the needs of your plants. You can remove the accessories and place them elsewhere to bring down the heat whenever necessary.
  • Long-lasting: with a rating of 50,000 watts, the lights can go for between four and five years without any bulb changes. You also get a 30-day money-back guarantee on purchase.

Benefits of TS Series

Performance and Cost

TS series spectrum is ideal for any plant growth stage. They are game-changers.

The current performance of the TS series, equipped with Epistar 3030 chips, is parallel to that of fixtures costing four or five times as much. They are more cost and photon-efficient than any HIDs in the market.

Together with their quantum board-like build, their minimal components and simple design allow efficient and comfortable light distribution and penetration. Photon density is usually optimal throughout the coverage area.

The recommended TS series grow light for a 2' x 2' area is TS 1000, with an excellent 709umol@18″ PAR/ LUMEN, which replaces 1000W HPS.

You can use four of these lights in a grow space measuring 4' x 4'. Start with one or two fixtures and increase as the financial situation improves or become more convinced of the performance.

You can choose larger fixtures, such as the Mars Hydro TSL2000 for 4' x 2' grow space, instead of purchasing several TS1000s. Going big in terms of LED grow light is sometimes much better and budget-friendly.

Mars Hydro TS3000 can support 4x4 flowering and 5x5 vegetative.

TS1000 has an enormous 342 LEDs but only requires 150W to power them. On the other hand, TSL 2000, Mars Hydro TS 2000, and TSW 2000 have twice as many LEDs as TS 1000 and only consume 300W. Specifically, the 684 LEDs are sufficient to support a wide variety of plants.

Powerful White Spectrum

The white light spectrum in models such as the TS1000 and Mars Hydro TS 2000 give the best yields within the shortest period. Many have found that this sunlight spectrum is several times better than the red and blue lights individually. This translates to much-improved plant yields with cheap led grow lights.

Compared to the SP bulbs, the units have a lot of space for white light. This makes them more powerful. But why the white light? Why the particular focus on white light?

The LED grow lights industry is gradually moving to the white spectrum as it is better for indoor gardening. Typically, it is this focus on white lights that are making the TS series to be much more similar to the quantum boards.

But apart from joining the white light revolution, Mars went a step further and added IR and UV diodes to bridge the gap where the fixtures may fall short. What you get is something similar to sunlight, and the plants have no other alternative but to thrive.

The light from the TS fixtures is much similar to natural light. That means you can use it throughout the day and night for the best results in terms of yields.

The main difference with the SP lights is that they do not have any UV, which may account for some differences in yields. That said, you can get a supplementary inexpensive UV fluorescent bulb to ensure your plants don't miss out on the best.

Mars Hydro TS1000, Mars Hydro TSW 2000, and Mars Hydro TSL2000 have 3200-4200 K and 5200-6800 K and 660nm of red light. All the KS models have a dimmer to control the light intensity. TS3000 has an enormous light output of 1035 umol/s from 1016 LEDs.

Easy to Use

Mars Hydro TS lights use an efficient and easy-to-use LED system. They don't need to have complicated controls to customize according to your plant needs. The high-tech system takes care of it, and you can focus on other things.

As the best led grow lights, TS LEDs boast a simple plug-and-play system for easier installation. For example, the Mars Hydro TS1000 shouldn't take a lot of time to install and test.

Noise-Free and Durable

TS-series LEDs are manufactured to function without a fan. This reduces the noise in the growing area and makes the whole process fun. You can work for hours without the discomfort of working in a noisy environment.

But would this fan-less design not cause overheating? Not at all.

The TS series use large aluminium boards to ensure efficient heat dissipation. You don't need to worry about overheating, crop burns, and malfunctions.

The Mars TS series come with a glue-covered lights board to keep humidity and water away. They are IP65 waterproof standard LEDs, and you don't have to worry about humidity damage.


The square shape of the TS series models such as TS1000 makes them ideal for the square grow area. In particular, the TS 1000 can comfortably support 2.5 feet x 2.5 feet and a maximum of 3 feet x 3 feet area. TSL 2000 takes a rectangular form to support plants arranged in a rectangular manner. Its maximum coverage is 3 x 5 feet.

Mars Hydro TSW2000, in contrast to TSL 2000, is square.

The TS models are also relatively large for a more even coverage.

A small light will struggle to achieve an even spectrum distribution through the canopy. The light tends to spread outwards and needs to cover some distance to reach the plants. This makes it less intense.

Larger fixtures translate to better light coverage. They don't lose the all-important intensity to reach the outside of the coverage space.

For example, you can get up to 590uMol of maximum light emission or a peak of 400uMol with TS-1000. Compared with blurple LED lights, the yield is 30% higher with TS-1000.

Mars Hydro TSW2000 and Mars Hydro TSL 2000 can comfortably manage 1160uMols at 15" maximum. Both models have a higher number of LEDs, and this enhances the yield. However, Mars Hydro TS 2000 and Mars Hydro TS3000 are for commercial setups or large rooms.

Shortcomings of the TS Series LED Grow Lights

  • The power switch for the TS Series models is not added.
  • Some users have complained about the heat produced, even though not that significant.

Final Word

There are numerous reasons to switch to Mars Hydro for all your LED grow lights' needs. Whether you chose TS or the SP models, you can be sure of affordability and optimal yields. Mars has various top options you can choose from depending on your grow area and budget.

We hope that this writeup has been insightful, and you can now comfortably make your choice. Happy growing!

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