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Why Choose California Lightworks? 

Their LED Grow Lights Consume 50% Less Electricity Than HPS or Metal Halide-Based Systems

As a much more energy-efficient light source, their indoor grow lights focus the emitted light energy on the bands of the light spectrum that plants absorb the most. Unlike many other LED greenhouse lighting systems, their full spectrum grow lights produce much less heat, removing the need for additional cooling fans and eliminating the risk of fire. 

California Lightworks Offers Commerical Grade LED Grow Lights for Every Application

They are dedicated to designing and manufacturing the best performing LED grow lights for the serious grower.

Their LED grow lights not only eliminate the need to change lightbulbs, but they also undercut massive energy usage, whether in a commercial facility, greenhouse, or private residence. 

For commercial facilities, we recommend using the SolarSystem Commercial Series.

As for personal grow, we recommend using the SolarXtreme series

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