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MAXSISUN LED Grow Light PB Series PB2000 ProMAXSISUN LED Grow Light PB Series PB2000 Pro
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AGLEX COB 3000W LED Grow Light - Full SpectrumAGLEX COB 3000W LED Grow Light - Full Spectrum

Things to Consider When Choosing An LED Grow Light

  • What do you plan to use the LED grow lights for?

Most LED grow lights on the market are full-spectrum, which means they are suitable for the plants full cycle. However, there are specific LED grow lights that are used only for vegetative or flowering phases. If you're looking for a vegetative and/or flowering color spectrum, shop our KIND LED and California Lightworks brands.

  • Size Of Your Grow Space

When shopping for the perfect LED grow light to fit your grow space, using this simple watts per square foot equation can be helpful. The general rule is, for every square foot, you need at least 32 watts. 

For instance, a 2 feet by 2 feet grow space will require a minimum of 128 watts (4 sq. ft multiple by 32 watts). 

  • Does the brand use high-quality semiconducting chips?

LED grow lights rely on high-quality semiconducting chips in order to convert electricity into light for the plants. Before making a purchase, make sure that the brand you choose uses a quality LED chip of at least 3 watts. Anything less than 3 watts will not be able to produce enough light for the plants. 

  • Low heat output 

Ensuring that the LED grow light you select has a low heat output is important. With a low heat output, you gain the benefits of having a cool grow environment, a longer product lifespan, and less maintenance. In other words, you don't have to worry about your LED grow lights overheating or any type of replacement costs.

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