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Advantages of Hydroponics?

  1. Zero Soil
  2. 80-90% Less Water
  3. No Weeds
  4. Nutrient Efficient
  5. Fewer Pesticides
  6. 2x Growth Rate Compared to Soil

These are some of the major benefits of growing hydroponically. You may also find hydroponics useful if you have limited space. Because the water used in hydroponics is filled with vital nutrients, plant roots do not have to search for food like they would in a soil setup. As a result, plants can be placed closer together in the system to save space. A hydroponics system is great for apartments and small spaces around the house.

Now that you understand the benefits, lets dive into the different systems that you can use. 


The Most Popular Hydroponic Systems: Ebb & Flow, Deep Water Culture (DWC), Aeroponic, and Drip System


Ebb & Flow: This technique is also known as flood and drain. The way this method works is, water floods the grow tray where your plants are, and after a specific amount of time, the water in the grow tray will drain back into the water reservoir. Typically you will have a timer to to flood the grow tray periodically. In conclusion, this method works best for plants that prefer periods of dry and wet since the roots will not be submerged in water. 

Deep Water Culture (DWC): This is the most commonly used technique as it is cost-effective and easy to setup. Your plant's roots will be submerged in water for the whole cycle. An air pump is necessary with this technique due to the lack of oxygen. 

Aeroponics: In this system, roots will not be submerged in water. In contrast, the roots will be exposed to misting as a way of being feed. Overall, this technique will allow the plant's root to absorb more nutrients due to the abundant amount of air and CO2. 

Drip Systems: In a drip or top feed system, plants will receive nutrients at a slower pace through the top. This techinque is typically not used by hobbyist growers due to the level of difficulty. 


Which System Should I Start Out With?

If you are new to hydroponics, we recommend you to start with a deep water culture setup. This technique does not involve much besides the right nutrients and a air pump for oxygen. All our SuperPonics products use the DWC technique. Shop now.

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