Grow Lights & Accessories
In order for plants to grow and bloom, they require light for photosynthesis. The combination of light, oxygen, and water is converted into carbohydrates which gives plants the energy they need to survive. Shop our full spectrum LED grow lights, complete commercial fixtures, and light accessories below. Learn More
LED Grow Lights
The future of grow lights is here. LED grow lights are becoming a popular choice for growers of all levels. They are energy-efficient, durable, and best suited to meet the plant's needs at all stages. Get high energy output while consuming less energy with LED grow lights.
Grow Light Controllers
Forgot to turn the grow lights on or off? Automate your growing operations with a grow light controller. With a grow light controller, it will ensure your plants get the correct amount of light it needs without you having to do a thing. Sit back and watch your plants grow!
Complete Commercial Fixture
Are you a commercial grower? Get the highest preforming lighting fixtures to maximize your harvest this season.
Grow Light Bulbs
We offer single-ended and double-ended grow light bulbs to help you achieve the plant growth you want. Select from a variety of CMH, HPS, and MH light bulbs.