Grow Tents, Grow Tent Kits, and Tent Accessories
Are you growing indoors? Without a doubt grow tents are necessary. A grow tent allows you to be in complete control of your plant's environment. Below we offer heavy-duty and durable grow tents for you to choose from. We even offer turnkey grow tent kits to get you started ASAP! Learn More
Grow Tents
At Hydroplex Growers, we offer a variety of different sizes from small to big. Our smallest size is a 2ft x 2ft and our biggest size being a 10ft x 20ft. No matter which size you go with, we offer the best prices guaranteed.
Grow Tent Kits
Confused or simply don't have the time to research different products needed for a complete tent setup? Shop our turnkey grow tent kits to skip the hassle and start growing today!
Cloning Tents
Get the best germination and cloning rates with our turnkey SuperCloset cloning tents. Everything you need to grow successfully is included in this kit. Shop now.
Grow Tent Accessories
Looking to improve your grow tent operation? We offer tent extensions, net trellis, and gear boards to help keep your tents organized.