Harvest & Extraction Equipment
With the proper harvesting equipment, it will have a positive impact in speed and efficiency. Whether you need trimmers, drying racks, extraction bags, or smell proof bags, we have it all. Learn More
Extraction Equipment
We offer high-quality bubble extraction bags that filter plant resins into different grades to meet your need. Every bag comes with a variety of micron bags. Shop now.
Speed your harvesting trims by half when you use our high preforming hand-held trimmers. Select from our no replacement parts necessary trimbag or our electrical hand-held trimmers.
Drying Racks
Need space to dry your herbs? Make the process easy by using a drying rack. They're space efficient and will dry your herbs evenly.
Smell Proof Bags
Conceal the odor with our smell proof bags. We offer a variety of sizes and styles. From duffel bags to pouches, we got it. Check out our different options!