Hydroponic Systems & Accessories
Hydroponics is the method of farming without soil. Over the years, this way of growing has gain massive popularity. Benefits? Save water, healthier plants, and bigger yields. The best benefit of them all is low maintenance. Without a doubt this method will help you grow the plants you want without giving it much attention. Shop our hydroponics collection below to start your growing journey! Learn More
Hydroponic Grow Systems
Start growing lettuce, tomatoes, kale, and much more with hydroponics. Save your time and start growing with our pre-made hydroponics systems. Shop!
Grow Boxes & Closets
Want to grow indoors? Is your grow space limited? Grow closets are the way to go. They're compact and contain everything you need to grow successfully indoors. Don't waste time building your own. Shop our turnkey grow closets to start growing today!
Smart Garden Hydroponic Systems
Looking for a automated grow system to add to your home? Look no further. Our Smart Garden Hydroponic Systems are great for kitchens. They are small and provide easy access to herbs and plants you may need while cooking.
Water Pumps
In order to keep plants healthy in a hydroponics system, a water pump is needed. Why? Having a water pump helps to circulate the nutrient-rich water in a hydroponics system to ensure plants are getting the right amount of nutrients.
Air Pumps
Like humans, plants need air to survive as well. Providing every hydroponics system with an air pump will help to prevent diseases from building, and providing the plants with oxygen to survive. Make sure a air pump is on your list while shopping!