Keep your plants healthy and feed with the best nutrients available. Here at Hydroplex Growers, we offer the best nutrient brands to help your plants thrive. Learn More
Synthetic Nutrients
Synthetic nutrients are a popular choice in a hydroponic garden. The benefits of using synthetic nutrients are, they dissolve fully, do not clog your systems, and cheaper than organic nutrients. Shop now.
Grow & Veg Nutrients
Using nutrients containing a high level of nitrogen is vital in the beginning stages of growing. Veg nutrients are made specifically to do just that. Shop our veg nutrients collection for healthy and rapid plant growth.
Bloom Booster
Are your plants in the flowering stage? It's time to consider moving to bloom booster nutrients. We offer only the best bloom nutrients to guarantee bigger and more potent flowers. Boost your plants with us today!
By using a flush compound, it will remove all the excess nutrients built up in the roots and grow medium. Also, flushing will make your flowers and fruits taste less bitter. Don't skip this important step and get yourself a flushing agent today.
Calcium and magnesium are important secondary macronutrients. When your plants are cal/mag deficient, growth will slow down and leaves will begin turning yellow. Put a stop to this growth stunt by using a cal/mag solution to fight it. Shop now.
Foliar Sprays
This kind of growing technique is known as foliar feeding. In foliar feeding, simply spray the leaves of your plants with the nutrient mix. By doing so, your plants will directly absorb the nutrients through their stomata (leaves and stems). If you want super green leaves grab a pack of foliar nutrients today!
Nutrient Starter Kits
Simply your growing experience with a nutrient starter kit. Each kit includes all the nutrients you need from veg to bloom. Accelerate your plant's growth with a starter kit today.